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Snow Blowers


When you live in the Midwest we all know that our winters can be tough. When the Heavy snow falls most people depend on their snow blowers to clean their driveways and sidewalks. Making sure your snow blower starts every winter and running properly is the best thing you can do. Ferraro Small Engine Repair is here to make sure your snow blower is performing correctly and ready for the snow. Ferraro Small Engine Repair has been servicing snow blowers sense 1954. They understand what needs to be done before the winter comes and what it takes to make sure your snow blower is ready. It is always recommended to have you snow blower tune-up before winter comes. Most of our customers call or start to bring their snow blowers in around the fall or late summer even. Because when the snow hits and your snow blower doesn’t start means you will be shoving. When the snow hits all snow blower repair places get backed up sometimes up to 2 weeks depending on just how many come in. So always be proactive and make sure it is running before the snow comes.


Types of Snow Blowers


Single Stage Snow Blowers


Single stage snow blowers are very common for home owners with smaller drive ways or no drive ways at all. Single stage snow blowers have the name single stage because it only has one mechanism (the auger) to throw the snow. They struggle more in deeper snows and wet snow more than a two stage unit. A single stage snow blower has rubber paddles and plastic scrapper bars which are commonly replaced due to use over a period of time. An uneven driveway will also increase the wear and tear of a snow blower rubber paddles. Do not use a single stage snow blower on a grave driveway because it scraps the ground and will throw rocks.










Two Stage Snow Blower


Two stage snow blowers are typically used in commercial use or residential households with larger driveways or allot of side walk to clear. Two stage snow blowers use two stage to throw the snow, which means they have two augers. Unlike the single stage snow blower this unit has a metal or steel auger. The two stage snow blower can clear heavier snow much easier than a two stage snow blower and can throw the snow much further. Two stage snow blowers are typically very heavy and not easy to put in a car to have it serviced. Ferraro Small Engine Repair does offer pickup and delivery for these bigger units as well as all snow blowers. Two stage snow blowers are self-propelled which means they drive themselves and also have a reverse. Two stage snow blowers do have wear and tear parts as well but typically last much longer then the single stage wear and tear parts. The skids and scraper bar are the commonly the most replaced wear and tear parts. The skids protect the bucket from being torn apart so making sure every year that they are adjusted correctly and are still in good shape is very important to protect the snow blower. Ferraro Small Engine Repair make sure that all the two stage snow blowers skids are leveled and adjusted correctly to protect your equipment and prolong its life.
















Ferraro Small Engine Repair Precision Tune Up & Inspection

  • Inspect unit for wear

  • Change oil

  • Check spark plug

  • Clean and adjust carburetor

  • Check ignition system

  • Check compression

  • Grease and lube

  • Check belts

  • Check drive

  • Check starter

  • Check cables

  • Check fuel line

  • Check skids, Adjust or replace skids

  • Clean and flush fuel system

  • Clean or replace filters

  • Sharpen or replace blades

  • Clean equipment

  • Safety inspection

  • Test and check performance


Prices for tune up represented exclude any special being offered at that time. Please check front page for specials.


Single Stage Snow Blower Tune up $89.95


Two Stage Snow Blower Tune up $109.95


Call for pickup and delivery pricing.


Prices do not include parts if needed, if a tune up is anything outside of a standard tune up or some wear and tear parts we call to get the OK before starting repairs.

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