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Yearly Maintenance


The most important thing for all outdoor power equipment is taking care of it and maintaining it. This is something that some people forget about having done, then it just costs them more in the long run. It just like changing your oil on you vehicle you wouldn’t go years without it. Of course not and neither should you outdoor equipment. That’s why it should be performed yearly. It’s the best way to make sure you equipment is running like new every year, and pro longing the life of the equipment.


We have had costumers bring in a couple year old snow blower and lawn mowers that would run. It was because they didn’t have oil in the equipment or the oil was never changed. Which caused the engine to break down and have so much damage that the whole engine needed to be replaced. This all happened because they didn’t bring it in for the equipment’s yearly maintenance.  New Equipment is expensive and a precision tune- up before using it is allot cheaper than buying new. So do the safe thing bring it in today, or call for pick up.


When should you call or bring in the equipment? Before the season starts that way you will have it back before you need it. An example what some of our costumers do is here, for  snowblowers costumers start calling in august to get on our list for pick up's or start dropping them off. For spring Equipment costumers start calling as early as December and Janurary to get on the list for pick up's or they drop them off. What we do is  your equpiment is dated on the day you called or dropped it off that way you dont lose you place in line, Because some times we dont pick up the equipment right away when you call this early that way we can get a route together for your area. 


Ferraro Precision Tune-up & Inspection includes:


  • Inspect unit for wear

  • Change oil

  • Check spark plug

  • Clean and adjust carburetor

  • Check ignition system

  • Check compression

  • Grease and lube

  • Check belts

  • Check drive

  • Check starter

  • Check cables

  • Clean and flush fuel system

  • Clean or replace filters

  • Sharpen or replace blades

  • Clean equipment

  • Safety inspection

  • Test and check performance







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