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Lawn Mower


Ferraro Small Engine Repair has been working on lawn mowers sense 1954. Most people in the north shore area cut their own lawns or did at some point. There are many different types of lawn mowers make and models and we service them all. When it comes to repair or just a tune-up they have the right parts. Ferraro Small Engine Repair does also sell parts for Lawn mowers some parts do require ordering because it could not a common part or an older part. Now a day’s almost all lawn mowers come in for yearly service. The oil needs to be changed yearly like a car but just not as often. Always check you oil level before each use. If you were to run the lawn mower on no oil most likely it results in buying a new one because you can lock the engine.


Lawn Mower Types


Walk behind push lawn mower does not have a drive on it, this lawn mower has to be pushed when cutting the grass. These type of mowers are much cheaper than the self-propelled lawn mowers that actually drive themselves.  Push mowers come in gas electric or reel mowers. The most common used is gas because it offers more power than the others. Typically gas powered lawn mowers last longer than the others. Make sure your lawn mower always has oil in it and always use fresh gas. Making sure the blade is sharp is will help make cutting the lawn much easier and will not pull the grass out like a dull blade will. The walk behind mower is typically used for a small yard or a smaller area to cut.














Walk behind self-propelled lawn mower get its name because it drives itself. They are more expensive then the push mower because it has a drive system on it. They are the most common lawn mower most people use. They are widely used from small to larger yards because it offers an easier time for cutting your lawn.  When performing a tune-up on a self-propelled lawn mower does cost more than the push because there is allot more to them. Wheels get replaced on this type of lawn mower because they can lose their treed and become bald. When this happens your lawn mower becomes more like a push mower because it no longer can push it self because the wheels will just spin and not be able to grab the ground.  Making sure the lawn mower has a good set of wheels is always important or else what did you pay that extra money for?















Riding Mower or riding tractors are used for large yards or large area of grass to cut. These types of mowers have much more going on than a typical lawn mower the cost is also much greater. Riding mowers are serviced yearly which we do offer pick up for theses bigger units. These units are serviced yearly and get regular tune ups because the year something go wrong or they stop working will cost more than having it serviced yearly. During a tune up on theses mowers there is much to check and allot more work that needs to be down. One of the most important part is making sure the battery is ok and working properly. Without the battery these will not run at all. Make sure to keep up with maintaining ones riding mowers because the cost of a new one is much greater then recommended yearly service.














Ferraro Small Engine Repair Precision Tune Up & Inspection


  • Inspect unit for wear

  • Change oil

  • Check spark plug

  • Clean and adjust carburetor

  • Check ignition system

  • Check compression

  • Grease and lube

  • Check belts

  • Check drive

  • Check starter

  • Check cables

  • Check fuel line

  • Check battery

  • Clean and flush fuel system

  • Clean or replace filters

  • Sharpen or replace blades

  • Clean equipment

  • Safety inspection

  • Test and check performance


Prices for tune up represented exclude any special being offered at that time. Please check front page for specials.


Walk Behind Push lawn mower $79.95


Walk Behind Self-Propelled lawn mower $89.95


Riding Mower/ Tractor $139.95


Call for pickup and delivery pricing.


Prices do not include parts if needed, if a tune up is anything outside of a standard tune up or some wear and tear parts we call to get the OK before starting repairs.

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