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Ferraro Small Engine offers a wide range of services for residential and commerical  power equipment. We offer some of the best products and prices in the industry with old school quality service you cant beat. So if you have a lawnmower, snow blower or even a generator give us a call today. Need oil, or parts stop in or give us a call, make sure you bring model and serial number, even a picutre always help. Let us help you with all your small engine needs from yearly maintenaince to repairs and even new equipment.

Winter Speicals


Single Stage Snow Blower Tune-UP $89.95 plus parts


2 Stage Snow Blower Tune- UP $109.95 plus Parts





      Dont get left in the dark! Generator Service & Repair



Just in another shipment of Columbia Snow Blowers! Get them before we sell out of them again. They are going quickly.


Equipment not working correctly, thats no problem bring it in today and we will take care of it for you. We take pride in every piece of equipment we work on, just like if it was our own.

Used Equipment

We do sell used equpment that have been fully serviced , inspected and tested before you buy it. We know new equipment is expensive and if we can save you some money that makes us happy. Call before coming in if looking for used equipment because it goes as fast as it comes in.

The most important part of prolonging the life of your equipment and keeping it running like new is the yearly maintenance. You wouldn’t expect your car to run correctly without changing oil & maintenance, you can’t expect your power equipment to either.

We are a leading provider in commerical services in the north shore. Seince we opened our doors we have been working on commerical equpiment. Make sure you equipment is ready for the season bring it to us and let us do the work right the first time. Instead of having costly break downs during the season when you cant afford to have a machine down.

Need parts? We got them, and if we dont have it we would be happy to order it for you. Our parts are quality and trusted parts amoung the field.

We offer a wide range of new equipment if your looking for it, from, Check the Equipment page  for more details.


Commerical Accounts

We offer commerical accounts which we bill out monthly, time is money and this way your guys can come drop off the unit get what they need and pick it up when its done. 

Click Services above to go to the services page, To check in more detail what we offer.

Brands we proudly service & many more.

Click the icon's below to get more info on your favorite brands.


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Did you know Ferraro's have a heating and cooling company as well? Check out the links below to Ferraro Garden Spot and Ferraro HVAC.

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